Monday, June 24, 2013


Virginia Wolf once wrote "A woman must have money and a room of one's own if she is to write fiction."  If Virginia Wolf had been a blogger she probably would have wrote that "A person needs a workplace with much down time and a lax IT department in order to blog".

You also need to be in the right headspace.  And for the past year, I have not really been in the headspace for some things I because other things were crowding my mind.  Its kind of like how you can remember all of the words to "Material Girl", but you can't for the life of you remember why you are in the basement.

In the past 12 months we've moved twice and I changed jobs.  My first job out here was a "Mr. Right Now" in that the money wasn't awful (although the commute sucked), but it was a pleasant enough place to work, and the workload was light enough that I could focus on reading up on and developing my strategic HR skills, so when the job I really wanted came about, I was ready for it.

We also decided that it was in our best interests to buy a house instead of rent, so the looking, purchasing, and moving took up time.

It was also a slow time in swing land.  We went on a few dates, but not much materialized, and while I searched online, I didn't find a lot of couples that really got my motor revved up.   Also, the combination of applying for job after job and hearing crickets, did not leave me in the best headspace for sending out email overtures and hearing nothing.  Really employers and other people, take the five minutes to send that 'thanks, but no thanks' note instead of letting people hang out there.

That changed this weekend.  We went on a date with some blogger friends that were visiting the area from out of state, and while we hit it off, mother nature cruelly kept us from consummating our relationship.   Luckily, my job has an office in their neck of the woods, so I am sure I will find some imperative HR emergency that will bring me up there in the early fall.

However, being with them reminded me of the fun to be had when everyone hits it off, and although it can be a pain to find those people, its worth it when you do.

My last goal is getting into top shape.  For years I have dieted and lost weight, and gained it back, and well, lather, rinse, repeat to infinity.  This time though, I have changed my focus.  Instead of just dieting, I am reshaping my eating habits around performance.  I think about what I need to accomplish that day, and my mood, and am planning my eating around it.  I also am trying to convince myself that sugar and white carbs, while tasty, will not help me perform at my best whether it is mentally or physically.

I figured that since I signed up to run 10 miles this fall, the less of me I have to drag around for 10 miles, the easier its going to be to finish in a respectable amount of time.

Also, big thanks to those of you who keep stopping by my blog, and especially those of you that have emailed me to say hi.  Its been hard to decide what to do with this space.  I couldn't bear t't o shut it down, when I had invested so much of my time and energy into it, and I wanted to have a place left in case Hubman and I ever wanted to post any naughty photos or stories.

I could promise you all regular posts, but I have done that before, and I don't want to lie.  I hope to keep at it enough to make my regular readers keep me in whatever their feed will be when Google Reader shits the bed.  (BTW- where should I go?)  I need to figure that out soon.

Happy Monday everyone and remember:


  1. I so concur with the idea of keeping the blog even though it is difficult to keep it up. My life seems determined to squeeze out my blog and all 'Gemma' related activities. However when I think of the time and love poured into my stories I cannot orphan them.

    I am glad you found some people to hit it off with and look forward to blog posts, when they happen.

  2. As a Google Reader replacement, I've been using Net Vibes. I can show it to you later, you can even export all of the feeds you subscribe to from Reader into it.

    You've been remarkable this past year, with the move(s), job changes and all that you do for me and the kids. I hope the coming year allows you to focus more on you and what you want to accomplish.

    Our blog friends have inspired and re-energized my interest in swinging as well. Too bad they live so far away. But like you point out, there's always the possibility of work travel to their area!

  3. I found the convenience of FB replaced my blogging habit, but it wasn't private enough. So I create a second FB account. Now suddenly I have to keep up with two, worse position than I was with blogging and nowhere near as content.

    This past year has been messed up across the boards it seems, I blame something up with the universe. A funk of sorts, you know. I know many who are just trying to hold on.

    I hope you can find a happy place, sometimes striving for it is better than just laying down and giving up know?

  4. I use Feedly for my reader feeds, and it seems to work well. The one thing I found that is funky to me is that it doesn't sync between the app on my phone and the computer - so while I had been reading on my phone, the computer said I was slacking. Simple fix, but dumb.

    I'm glad things are looking up, and it seems to be balancing out for you. :)

  5. Veronica ----- so pleased to see you are keeping up the blog, at least in some fashion. The 2 of you have provided me much inspiration. Please keep happy and share the details with us.


  6. I'm back sexy lady.

    Mr. No Name

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